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We've all been there. You have so many big ideas for services you want to implement in your business, products you want to build, and goals you want to accomplish. But instead of making any moves forward, you feel like you're on a never-ending hamster wheel of ideas without any real plans to pull them into reality.

You Desperately Need More Time in Your Day

Let's get real, friend.

That's me! Let me in

Charis + Jess

We're Charis and Jess and we're your new web design BFFs.


Creating the Kinship Web Designer Library is something that we've had in our brains and hearts for a HOT minute. With everything we've ever created together, our dream has been to create a place where people feel supported, equipped, and inspired to create.

The Kinship Web Designer Library membership does exactly that. We're giving you instantly actionable tools so that you can scale your business faster than ever. 

This is for You if...

  • You're a Showit Web Designer who is ready to uplevel your business with instantly-actionable tools and resources.

  • You're really REALLY tired of playing it small and not following through on your ideas.

  • You're consistently getting booked and you desperately need ways to streamline your processes

  • You wish you had a non-judgemental community of designers where you can ask questions, share your newest designs, or even get help with quality checking your latest client project!

That's me! Let me in

Here's What's Inside the Membership

Unlimited Commercial-use access to all of the Kinhouse Made Showit Templates

the Client Toolkit

If you leave the membership, your client sites can stay live, but you won't be licensed to create new sites moving forward. Think of it like a font license! 

The Clickup Client Portal Template

Access to our ClickUp Client Portal Template for Site in a Day-type projects

The Email Swipe Files For Site in a Day Projects

Never stare at a blank email screen ever. again. With a library of 16 scripts to pull from, you'll be able to communicate quickly and with confidence.
You'll get access to all current and future Showit Templates by Kinhouse Made specifically for client work.

Make as many client sites as you want during the lifetime of your membership. Your membership is your license to create unlimited client sites with any of our templates (without needing to credit us in any way!).

Vicki Jumped into the membership and used the templates to craft her vip day offer within a couple of days

  • Start or streamline your Site in a Day, Website in a Week, or Template customization service. 

  • Offer your clients access to a growing library of templates to choose from so they don't have to pay for a template outside of your service.

  • As a starting place for custom client work. Never work from a a completely blank page ever again.

Millie Template

Two versions. One for photographers and one for Service Providers

omg i need this

Carter Template

Two versions. One for photographers and one for Service Providers

Rowan template

Citrine Template

Offshore Template

The Pricing Guide add on

The Podcast Add On

The Shop Add On

The Client Toolkit Also Includes


Whether you already have an abbreviated client process (like Site in a Day or Website in a Week) or you're starting from scratch, we've put together a guided workbook to help you think through your ideal framework.

Ways to use the showit templates

The Shop Toolkit

What our members are saying

The templates you create with the Canvas Kit can stay live even if you decide to leave the membership in the future. Your license to create new work with the Canvas Kit will expire when you leave the membership.
The Canvas Kit is a growing library of canvases you can use to build your own Showit templates. With new drops every month, you'll always have a fresh set of tools to use on your next template project. View the full walkthrough of our first Canvas Kit drop in the video below!

PLUS Guides and Inspiration

Monthly guides on how we source inspiration and resources, and more!


Access to our ClickUp Showit Template Workflow to help streamline your template creation process.


We've designed a set of Shop pages specifically for digital product shops that will take your shop from 0 to launched in a snap.

The Shop Toolkit Also Includes

The Canvas Kit

The Bonuses

Your beautiful work deserves an equally beautiful mockup. Get early and unlimited access to all of our mockup and stock collection drops. These photos can be used on your site and socials, on your client's site and socials, and even in your website templates! We're launching with 6 collections and we plan to drop 2-3 new collections each quarter.


Love From Our Members

Your new favorite corner of the internet. We want to create an easy breezy, non-judgemental space for designers to come ask for feedback on their designs, share job opportunities, geek out over fun design trends, and more!

Additionally, we'll be facilitating optional monthly challenges, getting feedback from YOU on what tools you want us to create, and trying our best to create an online community that makes you feel excited and energized.

With more toolkits, resources, templates, and mockups being added regularly


The Members-only Facebook Community

Bonus One

omg i need this

The Kinship Web Designer Library is an ever-growing resource of templates, toolkits, mockups, and more. However, it is not a coaching program or a course.

We're not here to tell you exactly how to get from point a to point b or to sell you on a specific method.

We're here to give you instantly actionable tools to help streamline and craft your processes, spend more time on tasks you love, and carve your own path.

This is Not a Coaching Program or a Course

That said, we get geekishly excited when we get to help people learn new things and we strongly stand behind the belief that everything is figure-outable.

Because of this, We're an open book when it comes to our tech knowledge and loom videos are pretty much our love language - ask us anything!

Take a Look

Behind the Curtain

let me in right now!

The Value of the Membership

Lifestyle Mockup Kits

 VALUE $148+

Not including the value of upcoming template, toolkit, and mockup drops OR the value of being able to download and use these things multiple times.

The true value of this membership is almost limitless. And the monthly cost of it is less than the cost of one template...like what??

 VALUE $4302+

The Shop Toolkit

 VALUE $2500+


Total Current Value

The Client Toolkit

Join now

When we raise our prices at the next launch, you'll get to keep your Launch Team Pricing for as long as you stay an active member. 

Lock in your Founding Member Pricing for the Lifetime of Your Membership

No matter how much value we add, your price won't change.

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Membership Cost

Quarterly with Monthly Payment

Per month with a 3 Month Commitment



Annual Payment

Save $1140 when you pay Annually






Save $188 when you pay Quarterly

We've made the monthly cost lower than the price of one template

Have Questions?

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