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our dream has been to establish a place where people feel supported, equipped, and inspired to create.

with everything we've ever created together,

When building this membership, we aimed to create something distinct from anything else in our industry.

While mockups, commercial-use Showit templates, canvases, and community support aren't groundbreaking ideas on their own, it's bringing them all together in one comprehensive Membership that truly gives us our magic.

We've been best friends for over 10 years, worked on multiple projects together, and in 2022, we had a big AHA moment.

From running a lifestyle blog to managing a planner and stationery business while living in separate states, we've always had a knack for dreaming up BIG IDEAS when working together. You could say it's best friend magic.

But, the true magic started when Kinhouse Made was created. The stationery biz was bustling when Charis texted Jess… “Hey, what if we quit this stationery thing and you started designing websites with me instead?”

Charis was running her own design business separately when Jess joined in (although reluctantly at first hehe). After some seriously intense brainstorming sessions, Kinhouse was born. And so was the initial concept of Web Designer Library.



Wants to move to every city she visits

Always needs a silly lttle beverage

Loom videos are her love language

Will voice note you with new product / biz ideas at 7am


Can hipthrust 405lbs (lol)

Creative mastermind

Email goddess

Artsy fartsy

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This Membership has helped 115+ designers scale their Showit design businesses 

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Our Members have leveraged the tools and resources we've created for them to launch new services and products, streamline their processes, and scale their businesses. Like, big time. (and in a lot of cases -  at a fraction of the time it would have taken for them to do it on their own)

The Web Designer Library Membership is built to work within your business as the ULTIMATE tool and resource to take you exactly where you want to go.

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