our biggest dream is to help Your Designer Dreams Come true

It might sound silly but....

We created the Web Designer Library Membership to be a resource for Showit designers who are ready to scale their business.

Whether you're needing a fresh start, wanting to streamline your services, or FINALLY start that template shop, we've created resources to help speed up the process.

We've been best friends for almost 10 years, worked on multiple projects together, and in 2022, we knew it was time for a shift.

Through the years, we've done a little bit of everything. From being roommates in 2014 running a lifestyle blog, to living in separate states running a planner and stationery business, we've always loved seeing the magic we're able to create when we work together.

The true magic started happening when we started Kinhouse Made. Charis had been running her web design business on her own under a different brand, but one thing led to another, Jess joined in, and Kinhouse Made was born.


From the beginning of Kinhouse Made, we knew we wanted our day-to-day to be centered around creating a community for designers.

Because let's be real, the solopreneur life can get pretty lonely sometimes.

When we launched our flagship Showit templates, we launched the first iteration of The Membership alongside it. This was a WAY stripped back version of the Membership that basically only offered commercial access to 4 templates.

Since then, we've given The Memberhsip its separate home on the internet, grown our template library to 19+ Showit templates, 288+ canvases, 14+ mockup collections, built educational resources for designers, and have created a tight-knit community that we're SO proud of.




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Meet the Team

The Membership has helped 100+ designers scale their Showit design businesses 

Is it your turn?

Our members design for a variety of niches, clients, and customers. Some members take their membership term to focus on streamlining their services, and some decide to FINALLY build that Showit template shop they've been putting off for the past 8 months.

However, all of our members have one thing in common: they're ready to make a shift in their business to scale in ways that wouldn't be possible without having access to the right tools.

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