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You've got the questions - we've got the answers! Here's a selection of the questions we get the MOST often in our DMs and inbox.


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We wrestled with this idea for a long time. If we split the canvases and templates into separate memberships, you'd end up paying the same price but for each one—essentially doubling the cost.

After all, a single month of the Membership is less than half the cost of one of our templates. We're all about generosity and simplicity around here, so keeping everything under one roof just makes more sense for us—and hopefully for you too!

Can I subscribe to just one of the pieces of the membership?

When you leave the Membership at the end of your committed quarter, you're no longer licensed to use any of our full templates. Additionally, you're unable to create any new work of any kind with the canvases.

However, any projects you completed during your membership CAN stay live (ie. completed client projects and completed templates.)

What happens when I want to leave?

We allow our members to pause for one month out of the calendar year. You don't have to give us a reason, just email us and let us know!

During this pause, you'll lose access to everything in the Web Designer Library and will not be licensed to create any work with templates or canvases.

What if I need to pause for a month?

We've had designers of all different levels and niches join our Membership - from the designer who's 3 months into their biz to the well-seasoned 10+ year designer.

The only thing that changes is HOW they use the tools to support their biz. Think of the Membership as a "choose your own adventure". We give you the tools, you plug them into your business in the places you need support the most.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Due to the nature of digital products, we can't offer refunds. However, we DO have a tour that allows you to click around the Member dashboard so you can be confident in your purchase before you join.

What if I don't like it - Do you offer refunds?

When you join the Membership, you lock in your rate as long as you stay an active member. So if you joined at $397, you get to keep that pricing until you cancel your membership - no matter how much we raise our prices.

What happens when you raise your prices?

You cannot resell any of the Kinhouse Made Templates. 

But don't worry - you CAN use these Templates for an unlimited amount of client projects throughout the lifetime of your Membership.

Can I resell the Showit Templates?

Of course! As long as you have fulfilled your quarterly commitment, the websites you create for your clients during your membership period can remain live even after your membership ends.

Can the client sites I create stay live after I've left the Membership?

You are not required to credit us in any way! We do encourage you to keep things genuine, and never outrightly claim that you’ve created the the Templates as personal custom designs. Customize the templates to fit your unique design style and offer them to your existing or potential clients as options for any semi-custom work. You can also use them as a starting place for custom client sites. 

Do I need to credit Kinhouse Made when using the Templates for client projects?

There are three main ways our Members do this,

Leverage that you have access to Kinhouse Made Templates in your Service Features and Pricing

Select a few Kinhouse Made Showit templates, lightly customize to attract your ideal client, and present directly on your services pag

Display Kinhouse Made Showit templates directly on semi-custom service page and make no customizations without mentioning Kinhouse Made.

How do I present Templates to my potential or existing clients?

We recommend it! Customizing the templates lightly distinguishes your work from Kinhouse Made and other members. Incorporating your design style can attract your ideal clients.

Can I customize the Showit Templates to fit my branding and style?

Absolutely. We know how hard designing for yourself can be!

In addition to creating websites for clients, you can also use the templates for your own business website.

Can I use the Templates to create or update my own website?

As long as you have fulfilled your quarterly commitment, any templates you create throughout your membership can stay in your shop.

However, you will not be licensed to create NEW templates with our canvases once your membership comes to an end.

Can the Templates I create with the Canvases stay live after I leave the Membership?

Nope! Use the Canvases to build Templates for resell, within your client projects and even your own website. No need to ever credit us.

Do I need to credit Kinhouse Made when using the Canvases in projects?

You cannot. Your Membership is your license to create new work.

This means once you leave the Membership, you no longer have licensure to use the Canvases from the Web Designer Library to create anything new.

Can I continue using the Canvases after I have left the Membership?

You are not licensed to sell the Canvases as individual products or repackage them to give away as freebies.

Can I sell or redistribute the Canvases?

Yes, you can continue using the Mockups you've downloaded even after you've left the Membership.

However, access to new mockups and updates will cease upon membership cancellation.

Can I continue using the Mockups after my Membership ends?

These Mockups can be used on your site and socials, on your client's site and socials, and even in your website Templates.

What types of projects can I use the mockups for?

Yes! But don't worry, you don't need to be a Photoshop wizard. We have tutorials to help you learn how to use the Mockups once you join.

Do I need Photoshop to use these Mockups?

No - Our Mockups are not compatible with Canva at this time.

The Mockup files are photoshop ready and formatted as PSD files.

Can I use Canva to edit the Mockups?