The Kinship is a growing library of instantly actionable tools designed to help you reach your designer dreams faster without compromising quality. 

Ready to scale your Showit design biz?


In THE KINSHIP, We Give you the right tools to

We Know You Have a Vision for Your Showit Design Biz

Charis and Jess   |   Your New Web Design BFFs

Ideas have always been your biggest strength - but finding the time to pull them off is another story.

You have big ideas for new services you want to implement or products you want to build, and we both KNOW you’re more than capable of making it happen.

You find yourself on a never-ending hamster wheel of great ideas without the right tools to pull them into reality.

Instead of finding momentum...

I've seen enough. Let me in!!

In The Kinship, we equip you with instantly-actionable tools that you can plug into your business in as little as one day. You don't have to do this thing alone - consider us part of YOUR team

Here's a Peek
at What You'll Get in The Kinship

We Won't bury the lead

Full Showit Templates for Client-Based Work

In the Client toolkit, You'll get instant access to all of the template Share Keys from Kinhouse Made

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The Lifestyle Mockup Library

A growing library of effortlessly lived-in device mockups

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Commercial Use Showit Canvas Collections

In the Shop Toolkit, you'll get access to a growing library of 215+ Commercial Use Showit Canvases

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Instead of staring at a blank screen or aimlessly scrolling pinterest, you hop into your Kinship dashboard and start browsing the library for fully completed + optimized Showit Website Templates AND 150+ membership exclusive canvases.

Imagine sitting down to start a custom website for your dream client...

Stop wasting time. Start creating faster.

Kate D.

Join! There is so much incredible value in the Kinship. Jess and Charis over deliver on every single thing they say you're getting. It's worth it!

Jess and Charis over deliver on every single thing 


I have purchased two other Showit canvas libraries but anyone can see that The Kinship, without a doubt, has so much more value than any other library/membership!

"The Kinship, without a doubt, has so much more value than any other library or membership!"

You're ready to get off the hamster wheel and start making real moves, but you...

Are overloaded with client projects and your to do list is never ending 

Feel overwhelmed, stuck, frozen in time unsure of how or where to start 

Don't have a team (or maybe you do), but you need more support, like yesterday

Unlimited Commercial-use Access to all of the Kinhouse Made Showit Templates

Put your own spin on the templates and offer them as options for clients to choose from.

Your membership is your license to create

Create unlimited client sites during your membership with our growing library of 12+ Showit Templates without needing to credit us in any way.
Use the templates to update your own website. Sometimes, we all need a little design refresh.


I need this


I've been designing websites in Showit for 4+ years and many times would feel overwhelm when I sat down to create a custom site with Showit's "Simple" template blandly staring back at me. Now I feel like I have numerous possibilities from the Kinship that not only cuts the time of designing a fully fleshed out site in half, but also makes me feel giddy when I start a new site. 

"I've already made my QUARTERLY investment back in ONE VIP Day"

Courtney P.

It's so organized, so beautiful, and I'm still shook over how many canvases come out every single single month!


Here's a Peek at What's Currently in the Library

Curious about what you'll get?

Here's the Do's and Don'ts


Licensing Note

Continue to use the templates once you leave the Kinship.
Sell the templates in your shop.
Build templates based on the Kinhouse Made templates
Use as a starting place for custom client work. Never work from a a completely blank page ever again.
Start or streamline your Site in a Day, Website in a Week, or Template customization service. 
Offer your clients access to a growing library of templates to choose from so they don't have to pay for a template outside of your service.
Claim that you completely designed the templates from scratch. While you don't need to credit us, we encourage you to be authentic in your marketing + messaging!
If you leave the membership, your previously created client sites can stay live, but you won't be licensed to create new sites moving forward. Think of it like a font license! 

Build and Scale Your Showit Template Shop with Commercial Use Canvases and Tools

The Shop Toolkit has everything you need to scale in a snap

Streamline your building process with our Clickup Project Management Template

MEET THE shop toolkit

Browse our library of 215+ Commercial Use Canvases to streamline your design process and build Showit Templates for resale. 

With 45+ canvases being added quarterly, you'll always have fresh designs.
Launch your shop even faster with our Done-for-You Digital Shop Showit Template.

What our members are saying

Get a quick-start on your shop with our Template Shop Guide.

Exactly what I need


Even when I’m not using the canvases, I feel like having them pushes me to be more creative because you guys design differently than I normally do. It’s helping me to think outside the box. I love it!

"It's helping me think outside the box"

Riley P.

The Kinship has transformed my business, how I design, and has given me the professional look and feel from the start. I feel like the Kinship has put me so far ahead of where I would have been if I was trying to do it myself.

"the Kinship has put me so far ahead of where I would have been"

With our growing library of 215+ commercial use Showit canvases, you'll be able to build out the Showit templates of your dreams in a flash.

Build Your Showit Templates Lightning Quick

Here's a Peek at
the Canvases

Curious about what you'll get?


"I didn't think it was something I needed, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much time it would save me. I'm so excited to keep using it! "

"I didn't think it was something I needed"

Here's the Do's and Don'ts


Licensing Note

Sell the canvases individually
Give them away as freebies
Build Showit templates for resale faster than ever before
Infuse your own design style to make your templates stand out
Sell them in a membership, bundle, or way that isn't baked into a template
The templates you create with the Canvases can stay live even if you decide to leave the membership in the future. Your license to create new work with the Canvas Kit will expire when you leave the membership.
Use the canvases in both templates, client work, or even your own site


A Growing Library of Effortlessly Lived-in Device Mockups

Get early and unlimited access to all of our mockup and stock collection drops. These photos can be used on your site and socials, on your client's site and socials, and even in your website templates.

The Mockup Library currently has 14 collections and we plan to drop 2-3 new collections each quarter.

What our members are saying

Give me all the mockups

Words from
Our Members

Don't just take it from us - our members LOVE the Kinship 


The Members Only Facebook Group

Your New Favorite Corner of the Internet

We created an easy breezy, non-judgemental space for designers to come ask for feedback on their designs, share job opportunities, geek out over fun design trends, and more!

I neeeeeeed this


You feel supported, less alone, gives you a base to allow your creativity to flow and you learn heaps along the way and are able to better service clients. I also love the push to create templates and how much help you provide with that as it was always a daunting process for me!

I always recommend it to other Showit it designers, it's suuuch an amazing resource and community. 

We're not here to tell you "the one true way" to get from point a to point b or to sell you on a specific method. There are plenty of training programs out there that are amazing, but that's not what we're here to do.

All of our members have approached the membership in different and unique ways. Their styles, offers, and even client bases vary significantly.

The power of the Kinship is that it can serve your Showit design business no matter HOW you want to show up. You have the power to take these tools, infuse your design style into them, and use them to complete projects faster than you ever could on your own.

The Kinship Is Not A Coaching Program or a Course

We're Here to Equip You with the Right Tools so You Can Spend More Time Doing What You Love Most in Your Business

We're Jess and Charis and we're your new web design BFFs.

We've been creating things together for almost decade. With everything we've ever done, our dream has been to build a place where people feel supported, equipped, and inspired to create.

The Kinship does exactly that. We give you instantly actionable tools so that you can scale your business faster than ever. 

Let's do this thing

The Value of
the Membership

Lifestyle Mockup Kits

 VALUE $350+

And the monthly cost of it is less than the cost of one what??

The true value of this membership is almost limitless

The Shop Toolkit

 VALUE $9745+


Total Current Value

The Client Toolkit

Okay cool! But how much does it cost?

 VALUE $4800+

Not including the value of upcoming template, toolkit, and mockup drops OR the value of being able to download and use these tools multiple times.

Quarterly Membership with Monthly Payment

Per month with a 3 Month Commitment




Save $188 when you pay Quarterly

Doors close December 31st at 11:59pm.
All prices shown in UsD

Join Now

Join Now

Lock in Your Membership Price before it goes up on January 1st

Join for less than the cost of one template per month

We're raising the price of the Kinship to $497/mo or $1197/quarter starting on January 1st. However, the price you join with is the price you keep throughout the lifetime of your membership.

Laurel V.


You will make back the investment in just one website or template sale!

Maya T.

We asked our members what they'd say to someone thinking about joining the Kinship...

Do not keep hesitating. It's worth it and you will make the money back so fast!!

Taylor H.

I would tell them to 100% DO IT.

Do not keep hesitating. It's worth it and you will make the money back so fast!!

Here's What They Said

Do not wait.

The Kinship Pays for Itself

Here's how easy it is to make back your investment

Sell 2 Website Templates

Build or streamline your Showit template shop with the help of our Shop Toolkit.

Use our canvas collections to build out templates, our Clickup template to streamline your process, and even swipe our Showit Shop template that was created just for selling digital products.


Book One Template Customization Project

Use the templates from the Client Toolkit on an unlimited amount of client projects during your membership. And with our ClickUp client dashboard template, you'll be able to streamline your process in a snap.

Typically Priced at $1800-$3800 per project

Book One Custom Web Design Client

Use the full templates from the Client Toolkit as a base, or canvases from the Shop Toolkit to build out pages faster than ever.


Get a Behind the Scenes Look at the Kinship

Enter your email to get instant access to a locked version of the membership

Want to browse the kinship?

We've Got the Answers

Have Questions?

Don't see the answer to your question here? Send us a message by clicking the little chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

I'm a designer on another platform but I want to switch to showit. Will this membership work for me?

If you're the kind of person who loves to dive into learning new things head first, then we might be a good fit.

While the Kinship doesn't currently offer coaching, we DO have a library full of templates and canvases to make experimenting with Showit even more fun.

Plus, the Showit team has put together an INCREDIBLE set of help docs to help you learn the platform quickly.

Do You offer a lifetime membership or a longer term membership?

While we do not offer a lifetime membership, we DO offer an annual membership (pay in full) option to our members when it's time to renew. 

Can the client sites i create stay live after I leave the membership?

Yes! The client projects you complete throughout the course of your membership are licensed to stay live even after you leave.

However, you will not be licensed to use any template, canvas, or pieces of either to create new work once your membership comes to an end.

How Long is the Commitment?

The Kinship is a quarterly membership. No matter which payment option you choose, you're signing on for three months at a time.

At the end of your membership, we'll send you a reminder email that you're up for renewal. If you decide it's time to part ways, you won't have to stay in the membership after you've fulfilled your commitment.

Can I resell the full templates from the Client toolkit?

You cannot resell the full Showit templates from the Client Toolkit. It wouldn't be any fun if we were ALL out here selling the exact same templates, would it?

But don't worry - you CAN use these templates for an unlimited amount of Client-based work throughout your membership term.

Instead, try using the 150+ canvases from the Shop Toolkit to build out your own unique Showit Templates!

Can the templates I create stay live after I leave the membership?

As long as you have fulfilled your quarterly commitment, any templates you create throughout your membership can stay in your shop. However, you will not be licensed to create NEW templates with our canvases once your membership comes to an end.

You Made it to the End!


Ready for this?

You're a details kind of person and we respect it! Very few people make the journey all the way to this canvas, so let us take a second to say THANK YOU for being here! We truly put our heart and soul into this membership, and we would love to have you come join us.

Our little community has grown since we first launched in March 2023, but it's still small enough to feel personal. So if you're craving a designer community, come grow with us! Or if you're craving a fresh start for your business in Q4, we'd love to help you kickstart it.

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