A Quarterly Membership for Showit Designers Who Are Ready to Scale

The Kinship is a growing library of instantly actionable tools designed to help you reach your goals faster, without compromising quality. You don't have to do this thing solo - consider us a part of YOUR team.

The Kinship

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Reach Your Designer Dreams Faster, Without Compromising Quality


Your vision is CLEAR. You have big ideas for new services you want to implement in your business, products you want to build and you know you're capable.

But instead of finding momentum, you feel like you're on a never-ending hamster wheel of great ideas without the right tools to pull it all into reality. 

you aren't alone

everything you need is finally in one place

That's Why We CreatedThe Kinship

no seriously... you aren't alone

The Kinship is like an "all inclusive stay" for a Showit designer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we structured the membership to serve designers wherever they are in their biz CURRENTLY. The best part? Our membership grows with you.

When you join The Kinship, we IMMEDIATELY hand you the keys to our growing library of tools + resources, and we continue to add new resources monthly.

Instantly Actionable Tools = finally creating the momentum you've been craving in your business

Commercial Use Showit Canvas Collections

With a growing library of 78+ Commercial-Use Showit Canvases, you'll be able to hit the easy button on building Showit Templates and websites. Plus, we add 15+ NEW canvases each month.

Mockup Library

Show off your work in style with instant access to our growing library of lifestyle mockups! With 4 mockup packs being added quarterly, your content game will be on point.

Unlimited access to full templates for client-based work

Get instant access to all of the template Share Keys from Kinhouse Made. Use these templates for all kinds of client work, or even refresh your own website! With new templates being added each quarter, you'll always have something fresh to pull from.


Meet the Team

Instead of staring at a blank screen or aimlessly scrolling pinterest, you hop into your Kinship dashboard and start browsing the library for fully completed + optimized Showit website templates AND 78+ membership exclusive canvases.

Imagine sitting down to start a custom website for your dream client...

Stop wasting time. Start creating faster.


create custom client sites fast with exclusive canvases




Words from our Members

Even though all of our members are Showit designers, they all approach the Kinship differently! That's what makes the membership SO powerful. We want to empower you with the tools to build faster while still building a business that is unique to YOU!

One membership. MANY USES.

I'm ready! Let me in

You're ready to get off the hamster wheel and start making real moves, but you...

Are overloaded with client projects and your to do list is never ending 

Feel so overwhelmed, stuck, frozen in time unsure of how or where to start 

Don't have a team (or maybe you do), but you need more support, like yesterday

Unlimited Commercial-use access to all of the Kinhouse Made Showit Templates

take a look inside

If you leave the membership, your client sites can stay live, but you won't be licensed to create new sites moving forward. Think of it like a font license! 

The Clickup Client Portal Template

The Email Swipe Files For Site in a Day Projects

You'll get access to all current and future Showit Templates by Kinhouse Made specifically for client work.

Your membership is your license to create unlimited client sites with any of our templates (without needing to credit us in any way!).
  • Start or streamline your Site in a Day, Website in a Week, or Template customization service. 

  • Offer your clients access to a growing library of templates to choose from so they don't have to pay for a template outside of your service.

  • As a starting place for custom client work. Never work from a a completely blank page ever again.

Athena Template

Two versions. One for photographers and one for Service Providers

What our members are saying

Millie Template

Two versions. One for photographers and one for Service Providers

Carter Template

Two versions. One for photographers and one for Service Providers

Rowan template

Citrine Template

Offshore Template

The Pricing Guide add on

The Podcast Add On

The Shop Add On

The Sales Page Add On

The Client Toolkit

The Client Toolkit Also Includes


Ways to use the showit templates

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What our members are saying

The templates you create with the Canvas Kit can stay live even if you decide to leave the membership in the future. Your license to create new work with the Canvas Kit will expire when you leave the membership.

The Template Builder

The Template Builder is a growing library of Showit Canvas Collections you can use to build your own Showit templates. With new drops every month, you'll always have a fresh set of tools to use on your next Showit project. 

take a look inside

The Shop Toolkit

The Canvas Collections

Our flagship mega collection of 53 canvases

23 Canvases created based on feedback from our founding members.

We add collections of 15+ Canvases each month

April 2023

March 2023

Preview the canvases

Preview the canvases

Use the canvases to build templates, client sites, or even update your own site! The only way you can't use the canvases is by selling them on their own, or selling them in a way that competes with the Kinship.

A collection of 19 blog focused canvases to make building your next blog template 1000% easier.

May 2023

Preview the canvases

Font pairings for templates

Template Creation Workflow for ClickUp

The Shop Toolkit Also Includes

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Showit Shop Pages

Coming July 2023

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The Mockup Library

Your beautiful work deserves an equally beautiful mockup. Get early and unlimited access to all of our mockup and stock collection drops. These photos can be used on your site and socials, on your client's site and socials, and even in your website templates!

The Mockup Library currently has 7 collections and we plan to drop 2-3 new collections each quarter.

I need this

What our members are saying

take a look inside

The Members Only Facebook Group

Your new favorite corner of the internet. We want to create an easy breezy, non-judgemental space for designers to come ask for feedback on their designs, share job opportunities, geek out over fun design trends, and more!

Additionally, we'll be facilitating optional monthly challenges, getting feedback from YOU on what tools you want us to create, and trying our best to create an online community that makes you feel excited and energized.

I need this

We're not here to tell you exactly how to get from point a to point b or to sell you on a specific method.

The Kinship Is Not A Coaching Program or a Course

There are plenty of training programs out there that are amazing, but that's not what we're here to do.

All of our members have approached the membership in different, unique ways. Their styles, offers, and even client bases can vary significantly.

The power of the Kinship is that it can serve your Showit design business no matter HOW you want to show up. You have the power to take these tools, infuse your design style into them, and use them to complete projects faster than you ever could on your own.

We're here to EQUIP you with tools so you can spend more time doing what you love most in your business.

We're Jess and Charis and we're your new web design BFFs.

With everything we've ever created together, our dream has been to create a place where people feel supported, equipped, and inspired to create.

The Kinship Web Designer Library membership does exactly that. We're giving you instantly actionable tools so that you can scale your business faster than ever. 

The Value of the Membership

Lifestyle Mockup Kits

 VALUE $175+

Not including the value of upcoming template, toolkit, and mockup drops OR the value of being able to download and use these things multiple times.

The true value of this membership is almost limitless. And the monthly cost of it is less than the cost of one template...like what??

 VALUE $5597+

The Shop Toolkit

 VALUE $2997+


Total Current Value

The Client Toolkit

Okay cool! But how much does it cost?

All prices shown in UsD

Membership Cost

Quarterly Membership with Monthly Payment

Per month with a 3 Month Commitment




Save $188 when you pay Quarterly

Join for less than the cost of one template per month

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